Sigma Guitar

Several models to chose from

DM 12 E 12 String $509.99
GME $399.99
DM 5T $459.99

Walden Guitars

2 models currently in stock

D 552 E 12 string Electric Acuostic $599.99
G 570 ETB Electric Acoustic $599.99
Other models available


CORT Guitars

GA5F BW NS Cedar Top

$658.99 now in stock as well as other models

Alvarez Guitars

6 Models currently in stock

Prices range from $299.99 to $369.99

Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone is a major player in the guitar world and these Specials will rock your socks off! How can you beat the prices? We think Warren is crazy, but for $209.00 each, they can't be beat. The sound, feel and look of these is amazing and is what you would want from an Epiphone product. We also have the SG models, other Les Paul styles and more.

As usual, with most guitar brands, there are acoustic guitars available from epiphone as well.

Hagstrom Guitars

Hagstrom..... yet another quality product with a long lineage in the music industry. A few people in this fine little city have come to appreciate this guitar brand and we encourage you to come try them out. What more can we say? Awesome guitars!

Segovia Guitars

Segovia is a brand name that really should be more well known. These guitars are very well made, and they play, sound great. Once you play them and see the prices, you will wonder how it's possible they can be so cost friendly. Once again, come on down and try them out.

Left Handed Guitars

Yes it's true. There are left handed guitar players out there too. Take Jimmy Hendrix for instance. Doesn't get more recognizable than that and he was forced to play a right handed guitar upside down (restrung for him of course). With that being said, it goes without saying what he accomplished.

However, over the years guitar companies realized this and made guitars for the lefty too. We've got a few of them in stock, both electric, acoustic and others. If we don't have it, we can probably get it for you.


We don't just sell guitars, we can set them up, repair them and maybe even customize something for you. You will have to talk to Warren personally about that last one :) This is Warrens forte'. Not to mention his vast knowledge of almost everything guitar related.

For example, once you purchase a guitar, it may be not set up the way you would like it. That could entail lowering or raising the action, changing the pickups, machine heads or even simply the strings. Everything from electrical issues with your guitar or amplifier, to anything else. Come talk to Warren and get a quote. If he's able to fix it for you, he most certainly will let you know.

CORT Guitars

GA5F Cedar Top