Valeton Effects Pedals - Effects Pedals

Valeton is a new line at Warren's music and after trying them out, we are excited to be offering these to you at really great prices. Made of metal, these pedals will withstand any abuse you give them. Sound? Comparable to the big brand names, that's for sure. Check out their web site for videos on these and more items that we can bring in for you.

Hot One Skyline - Effects Pedals

This pedal board and effects pedals may be small in size, but they are just as big in sound as the best of them! Think of the space you will save. The Tremolo pedal is only there as a reference in size comparison. These too also have a good selection in pedal effects to choose from.

TC Electronics Effects Pedals - Pedals

TC Electronic has a large amount of pedals and we now have some to share with you. These are definiitely as good as they look. You owe it to yourself to come test drive these!

Turbo Sound Speaker Unit - Speakers

We've been told they rival the higher end product that begins with "B" and after hearing them, it's quite possible. Wow..... and they have Bluetooth technology. You all know how handy that is. 

Turbo Sound Speakers (front) - Speakers

This is a portion of the front view of these amazing Turbo Sound speakers. You just HAVE to hear these!

Yorkville Power Mixer - Mixer

Yorkville power mixer will be more than sufficient. You know what it's used for, come on down and talk price with Warren.

BOSS Blues Driver

One of the most popular effects pedals on the market. For the serious player that wants that "sound".

Pedal Tuner - Chromatic Tuner

Every Guitar player needs one :)

BOSS Metal Core

For the serious Metal Head

BOSS Fender Reverb

If you are looking for that "Fender" sound, this is the pedal for you.

Chorus/Ensemble - Guitar Chorus Effects

Made by Boss, this Chorus effects pedal will do the trick. As always, if you don't know what a pedal does, you should come down to Warrens and try them out!


A clean pedal that works as you would want it to. Need some sustain? This is one of the better pedals for that.

Dude (Screamer) - Guitar Effects

The title pretty much says it all. You need to hear this.

Dyna Boost - Guitar Effects

Need some boost? This will do the trick and this line of pedals takes up very little space on your pedal board!

JoJo Cake - Guitar Effects

Yeah, you need to hear this to be able to explain it :)

Octo Fuzzy - Guitar Effects

Just like the title says, it a Fuzz machine!

Boss Phase Shifter - Guitar Effects

Yes, this is part of the recipe, come try it out!

Pink Pit Delay - Guitar Effects

This delay is small, but you get more than you expect. I use this one as my main delay not just in rehearsal, but for live shows as well.

Boss Reverb - Guitar Effects

If some reverb in your chain is what you are looking for, this is the one you want. Boss is a well known and respected name in the music industry and these pedals last! Ask Warren about the BOSS reverb V6 too, the effects are incredible. I know, I have one :)

Boss Super Overdrive - Guitar Effects

Just as the name indicates, this is an overdrive pedal that goes even further. Come on down for a test and see for yourself.

Boss Tera Echo - Guitar Effects

Echo, huh? Echo.... okay, enough of that. This pedal is so cool. Come try it out!

The Revolver - Guitar Effects

Revolving sound? Yeah cowpoke, you know it!

Boss Acoustic Simulator - Guitar Effects

There's always that one song you want to play that has an acoustic in it, but you don't have one available. This pedal is used, but has been checked out by Warren and this will give you a great acoustic sound while using your electric.

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