THE LATEST AT WARRENS MUSIC... more than just guitars.

Warren has some new items in! A couple new banjos, a killer Boss 100 Watt amp head, Roland Drum Machine and a few other items. Come say hi and see what's in stock.
Did you know that Warren teaches guitar? Lessons are available, give him a call for availability. Also if you have and LP's or 45's you want to sell, he always looking, so bring in what you have and let Warren have a look at them. Maybe he has something you might want as well?

Wow, what a beauty! - This Joe Perry "The Bone Yard" signature Epiphone is very striking. We can't stop looking at it. The feel of the neck is incredible and the tone? Well, you can only hear that in person to believe it, but let's just say it's pretty good! See more about it here.

We have a Roland TD-9 drum kit in store and it is practically brand new. You have to look, real, real hard to find any wear. Check out the Features & Deals page for pricing. You'll kick yourself if you miss this kit!

Warren got some used guitars in on trade over the weekend. Photos to come soon. Come down and check them out for yourself.

We have a new effects pedal lineup that we are excited to share with you. The prices are very reasonable and the sound that comes out of these pedals in nothing short of incredible. We know that after you hear them for yourself, you will be wanting to add them to your collection. Click our Effects Pedals page for more details.

If you need something that we don't have in store, we will most certainly order it in for you. A quick tune-up and a fresh set of strings can never hurt either. We are more than just guitars and strings. You can check out the rest of our web pages for in store items and you are invited to come on down and see for yourself.

Epiphone Special (also know as Juniors) are not on sale. Nope, they don't need to be. At this unbelievable low price, they are already a bargain. $219.00 each!!!! What are you waiting for? Epiphone is a well known long time business that offers high quality products. Other colours are also available.